System Description

The Houston TranStar Traffic Alert System enables registered users to receive notification of incidents and travel times on Houston area freeways. The notifications, or “traffic alerts”, can be sent to any device capable of receiving E-mail or text messages, including personal computers, cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and text pagers. Using the registration system, users can customize their alert profiles detailing the times, locations, and types of alerts that they would like to receive.

Incident Alerts

Users who register for incident alerts will receive them each time the status of an incident changes. Typically, an incident's status will change twice for each incident-- once upon verification by Houston TranStar traffic operators, and once when the incident has been cleared.

Travel Time Alerts

Users can set up travel time alerts to be sent to them for freeway segments at specific times and days of the week. To accomodate traveling to and from a specific location, multiple routes can be configured for each user.


Many mobile Internet service providers have a limit on the number of e-mails or text messages customers are able to receive per month. Once this limit is reached, customers are charged on a per message basis. Contact your Internet service provider to find out what your messaging limits are.

Traffic Alerts