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Houston TranStar Route Builder

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Live Data Historical Data Choose Live Data to view current traffic conditions. Choose Historical Data to view what the typical conditions are at the time your are planning to depart.
Departure Time: at When using historical data, choose the time you wish to depart.
Starting Roadway: Choose the roadway you wish to begin your route on.
Starting Direction: Choose the direction of travel that you wish to begin your route on.
Starting Cross Street: Choose the nearest cross street that you wish to begin your route on.

About Route Builder
How does the traffic today compare with the typical traffic? How much time could I save if I adjust my departure time?

The Route Builder allows you to view live or historical speeds and travel times along a custom route that you define. You can save your custom route by saving it as a bookmark or favorite in your web browser. By using historical data, the Route Builder also allows you to compare the current or typical travel time along your route to historical travel times.

Route Detail Example
Time Savings Example