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  Incidents/Road Closures

Freeway Incidents - Currently 12 Freeway Incident(s). Hide Incidents
LocationDescriptionVehicles InvolvedLanes AffectedStatusMap
BELTWAY 8-EAST Northbound at FAIRMONT PKWYHeavy Truck, Stall11 Frontage Road Lane(s)Verified at 7:21 PMMap
HARDY TOLL ROAD Southbound at HOPPERStall11 Shoulder Lane(s)Verified at 5:17 PMMap
IH-10 KATY Eastbound at IH-45 NORTHStall11 Shoulder Lane(s)Cleared at 7:18 PMMap
IH-10 KATY Eastbound at IH-610 WEST LOOPStall11 Shoulder Lane(s)Verified at 7:00 PMMap
IH-10 KATY Eastbound at TAYLOR STAccident32 Mainlane(s), 1 Shoulder Lane(s)Cleared at 7:19 PMMap
IH-10 KATY Westbound at GREENHOUSE RDStall11 Shoulder Lane(s)Cleared at 7:08 PMMap
IH-10 KATY Westbound at WESTGREEN BLVDStall11 Shoulder Lane(s)Cleared at 7:21 PMMap
IH-10 KATY MANAGED LANE Eastbound at WIRT RDStall11 Shoulder Lane(s)Cleared at 7:19 PMMap
IH-45 GULF Northbound at CULLENStall11 Shoulder Lane(s)Cleared at 7:12 PMMap
NORTH SAM HOUSTON TOLLWAY Westbound at GESSNERStall11 Shoulder Lane(s)Verified at 7:16 PMMap
SOUTH SAM HOUSTON TOLLWAY Westbound at MYKAWAAccident21 Ramp Lane(s)Verified at 7:05 PMMap
WEST SAM HOUSTON TOLLWAY Southbound at WEST RDStall11 Mainlane(s), 1 Shoulder Lane(s)Verified at 6:39 PMMap
Street Incidents - Currently 4 Street Incident(s). Hide Street Incidents
LocationDescriptionTime Reported 
6700 W BELLFORT AVE @ 11300 FONDREN RDMajor Accident10/31/2014 7:22 PMMap
9318 W LOOP S @ 9320 S POST OAK RDMajor Accident10/31/2014 7:21 PMMap
6800 ALABONSON RD @ 6098 VICTORY DRMajor Accident10/31/2014 7:18 PMMap
13500 NORTHBOROUGH DR @ 500 RUSHCREEK DRMajor Accident10/31/2014 6:30 PMMap
Other Road Closures - Currently 2 Other Road Closure(s). Hide Other Road Closures
LocationDescriptionTime ReportedStatusMap
EAST SAM HOUSTON TOLLWAY Southbound At Garrett Other10/31/2014 9:28 AMEntrance Ramp Currently ClosedMap
BUFFALO SPEEDWAY Northbound and southbound Frontage Road at US-59 SOUTHWEST FREEWAY Construction10/20/2014 2:34 PMTotal Closure ActiveMap
Houston Lane Closure Map
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