Speed and Travel Time Reports

IH-10 West Mainlanes Eastbound
FromToData AgeDistance (miles)Link Travel Time(m:ss)Cumulative Travel Time(m:ss)Speed(mph)
US-183 East of LulingSH-304 West of Waelder8:20:30 AM9.007:427:4270
SH-304 West of WaelderSH-97 in Waelder-6.80Not Available
SH-97 in WaelderWebb Ln West of Flatonia-7.00Not Available
Webb Ln West of FlatoniaN Knezek Rd East of Flatonia-7.70Not Available
N Knezek Rd East of FlatoniaFM-2672 West of Schulenburg8:20:30 AM7.507:2014:5961
FM-2672 West of SchulenburgUS-90 East of Schulenburg8:20:30 AM5.005:0220:0160
US-90 East of SchulenburgCounty Rd 240 in Weimar8:20:30 AM4.003:3623:3767
County Rd 240 in WeimarCounty Rd 210 East of Weimar8:20:30 AM4.704:0327:4070
County Rd 210 East of WeimarHatterman Ln8:20:30 AM3.402:4830:2873
Hatterman LnFM-806 West of Columbus-5.00Not Available
FM-806 West of ColumbusSH-71 in Columbus-1.40Not Available
SH-71 in ColumbusUS-90 East of Columbus-1.50Not Available
US-90 East of ColumbusFM-102 East of Columbus8:20:30 AM3.402:3332:5880
FM-102 East of ColumbusEagle Lake Rd8:20:30 AM4.503:5536:5369
Eagle Lake RdFM-2761/Bernardo Rd-3.60Not Available
FM-2761/Bernardo RdBeckendorff Rd-3.70Not Available
Beckendorff RdUS-90 West of Sealy-4.30Not Available
US-90 West of SealySH-36 in Sealy8:20:30 AM2.702:3239:2264
SH-36 in SealyUS-90 East of Sealy8:20:30 AM1.901:4141:0368
US-90 East of SealyBrazos River Weigh Station8:20:30 AM3.303:1944:2260
Brazos River Weigh StationBrazos River8:20:30 AM2.202:0646:2863

IH-10 West Mainlanes Westbound
FromToData AgeDistance (miles)Link Travel Time(m:ss)Cumulative Travel Time(m:ss)Speed(mph)
Brazos RiverBrazos River Weigh Station8:20:30 AM2.202:012:0165
Brazos River Weigh StationUS-90 East of Sealy8:20:30 AM3.303:085:0963
US-90 East of SealySH-36 in Sealy8:20:30 AM1.901:406:4968
SH-36 in SealyUS-90 West of Sealy8:20:30 AM2.702:289:1766
US-90 West of SealyBeckendorff Rd-4.30Not Available
Beckendorff RdFM-2761/Bernardo Rd-3.70Not Available
FM-2761/Bernardo RdEagle Lake Rd-3.60Not Available
Eagle Lake RdFM-102 East of Columbus8:20:30 AM4.504:0313:1767
FM-102 East of ColumbusUS-90 East of Columbus8:20:30 AM3.402:3215:4981
US-90 East of ColumbusSH-71 in Columbus-1.50Not Available
SH-71 in ColumbusFM-806 West of Columbus-1.40Not Available
FM-806 West of ColumbusHatterman Ln-5.00Not Available
Hatterman LnCounty Rd 210 East of Weimar-3.40Not Available
County Rd 210 East of WeimarCounty Rd 240 in Weimar8:20:30 AM4.704:0819:5368
County Rd 240 in WeimarUS-90 East of Schulenburg8:20:30 AM4.003:2723:2070
US-90 East of SchulenburgFM-2672 West of Schulenburg8:20:30 AM5.004:2427:4468
FM-2672 West of SchulenburgN Knezek Rd East of Flatonia8:20:30 AM7.506:3234:1669
N Knezek Rd East of FlatoniaWebb Ln West of Flatonia-7.70Not Available
Webb Ln West of FlatoniaSH-97 in Waelder-7.00Not Available
SH-97 in WaelderSH-304 West of Waelder-6.80Not Available
SH-304 West of WaelderUS-183 East of Luling8:20:30 AM9.007:4842:0169