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Speed and Travel Time Reports

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  IH-45 North To/From Dallas Traffic Data Mainlane Traffic HOV Lane Traffic
IH-45 Mainlanes Northbound
FromToData AgeDistance (miles)Link Travel Time(m:ss)Cumulative Travel Time(m:ss)Speed(mph)
FM-1488Loop-336 North6:23:02 PM6.96:226:2265
Loop-336 NorthFM-10976:23:02 PM6.25:2811:5068
FM-1097New Waverly Weigh Station6:23:02 PM77:4019:3055
US-79 (Buffalo)US-84 (Fairfield)6:23:02 PM20.116:2335:5374
US-84 (Fairfield)FM-80 (Streetman)6:23:02 PM11.89:5045:4372
FM-80 (Streetman)SH-14 (Richland)6:23:02 PM8.67:2653:0969
SH-14 (Richland)Business 45 (Corsicana)6:23:02 PM15.514:0967:1866
Business 45 (Corsicana)US-287 (Ennis)6:23:02 PM11.710:1177:2969
US-287 (Ennis)FM-8796:23:02 PM8.57:1784:4670
FM-879Malloy Bridge (Ferris)-11.2Not Available
Malloy Bridge (Ferris)Wintergreen (Hutchins)-6.1Not Available
Wintergreen (Hutchins)IH-20-4.2Not Available
IH-20Loop-12-2.6Not Available
New Waverly Weigh StationHuntsville State Park6:23:02 PM5.75:2290:0464
Huntsville State ParkSH-19 (Huntsville)6:23:02 PM5.24:5995:0363
SH-19 (Huntsville)SH-75 (Huntsville)6:23:02 PM6.35:49100:5265
SH-75 (Huntsville)Walker County Rest Area6:23:02 PM5.34:35105:2769
Walker County Rest AreaFM-29896:23:02 PM8.77:25112:5270
FM-2989Spur-676:23:02 PM5.14:17117:0971
Spur-67SH-21 (Madisonville)-4.6Not Available
SH-21 (Madisonville)OSR-9.8Not Available
OSRCenterville Weigh Station6:23:02 PM13.611:55129:0268
Centerville Weigh StationUS-79 (Buffalo)6:23:02 PM1311:31140:3368

IH-45 Mainlanes Southbound
FromToData AgeDistance (miles)Link Travel Time(m:ss)Cumulative Travel Time(m:ss)Speed(mph)
Loop-12IH-20-2.6Not Available
IH-20Wintergreen (Hutchins)-4.2Not Available
US-79 (Buffalo)Centerville Weigh Station6:23:02 PM1310:4310:4173
Centerville Weigh StationOSR6:23:02 PM13.611:5822:3968
OSRSH-21 (Madisonville)-9.8Not Available
SH-21 (Madisonville)Spur-67-4.6Not Available
Spur-67FM-29896:23:02 PM5.14:1326:5073
FM-2989Walker County Rest Area6:23:02 PM8.77:0233:5274
Walker County Rest AreaSH-75 (Huntsville)6:23:02 PM5.34:5738:4964
SH-75 (Huntsville)SH-19 (Huntsville)6:23:02 PM6.35:4044:2967
SH-19 (Huntsville)Huntsville State Park6:23:02 PM5.24:3449:0368
Huntsville State ParkNew Waverly Weigh Station6:23:02 PM5.75:1254:1566
New Waverly Weigh StationFM-10976:23:02 PM79:1163:2646
FM-1097Loop-336 North6:23:02 PM6.25:2268:4869
Loop-336 NorthFM-14886:23:02 PM6.96:4475:3261
Wintergreen (Hutchins)Malloy Bridge (Ferris)-6.1Not Available
Malloy Bridge (Ferris)FM-879-11.2Not Available
FM-879US-287 (Ennis)6:23:02 PM8.57:1782:4770
US-287 (Ennis)Business 45 (Corsicana)6:23:02 PM11.79:5192:3871
Business 45 (Corsicana)SH-14 (Richland)6:23:02 PM15.513:54106:3267
SH-14 (Richland)FM-80 (Streetman)6:23:02 PM8.67:23113:5570
FM-80 (Streetman)US-84 (Fairfield)6:23:02 PM11.89:48123:4372
US-84 (Fairfield)US-79 (Buffalo)6:23:02 PM20.116:48140:3172
Summary197.7Not Available

< 20mph 20-29mph30-39mph 40-49mph 50+ mph Not Available