Complete Freeway Closure Alert IH-10 EAST at IH-45 NORTH - Westbound
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Speed and Travel Time Reports

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  Beltway 8-West Detailed Data
Mainlanes Southbound
FromToData AgeDistance (miles)Link Travel Time(m:ss)Cumulative Travel Time(m:ss)Speed(mph)
FallbrookWest4:39:08 AM100:5900:5961
WestGulf Bank4:39:08 AM1.701:302:2968
Gulf BankWest Little York4:39:08 AM1.301:203:4958
West Little YorkClay4:39:08 AM1.701:565:4553
ClayKempwood4:39:08 AM1.401:046:4979
KempwoodHammerly4:39:08 AM11:128:0150
HammerlyBuffalo Bayou4:39:08 AM3.303:1311:1462
Buffalo BayouBriar Forest4:28:37 AM0.701:0412:1839
Briar ForestRichmond4:37:08 AM1.702:2714:4542
RichmondBeechnut4:39:08 AM2.101:5216:3768
BeechnutUS-59 Southwest4:39:08 AM1.902:0318:4056

Mainlanes Northbound
FromToData AgeDistance (miles)Link Travel Time(m:ss)Cumulative Travel Time(m:ss)Speed(mph)
US-59 SouthwestBeechnut4:39:08 AM1.901:581:5858
BeechnutRichmond4:39:08 AM2.102:064:0460
RichmondBriar Forest4:20:37 AM1.701:365:4064
Briar ForestBuffalo Bayou4:09:37 AM0.7000:296:0987
Buffalo BayouHammerly4:39:08 AM3.303:019:1066
HammerlyKempwood4:39:08 AM100:5610:0664
KempwoodClay4:39:08 AM1.401:2011:2663
ClayWest Little York4:39:08 AM1.701:2312:4974
West Little YorkGulf Bank4:39:08 AM1.301:1714:0661
Gulf BankWest4:37:08 AM1.701:4915:5556
WestFallbrook4:39:08 AM100:5416:4967

< 20mph 20-29mph30-39mph 40-49mph 50+ mph Not Available