SH-99 Grand Parkway from US-290 to I-45 is now open. No tolls on this segment of SH-99 until Februrary 15.
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Houston TranStar AVI Traffic Monitoring System

Introduction |  AVI Technology |  How It Works


The Houston TranStar Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) traffic monitoring system is used to collect real-time information showing current travel conditions on Houston area freeways and high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. This information is provided to personnel within the Houston TranStar Center for use in detecting freeway congestion. This travel information is also provided to the public through media reports, displays on selected roadside electronic message signs, and on the Houston TranStar Web Site.

A Note About Privacy
The toll tag IDs read by the system are strictly used for estimating average travel times and are not used to "track" individual tags. Each tag ID is anonymized upon receipt and no personal information is stored by the system.

Information Flow Diagram